What we do

Academic field building

Policy research to navigate emerging challenges from AI advancements is a growing field of study, but is still limited in size. Informed policy discourse requires deep engagement from academia, industry, and civil society. We aim to foster the growth of AI policy as a robust field of study within academic institutions to expand the body of knowledge on the subject. Our current programs focus on supporting the field of AI law and policy at US law schools.

Talent development

Developing effective policies to navigate the evolving AI landscape requires a pool of talented experts across several subject matter areas who are well-versed in the technical aspects of AI. We help students and recent graduates build the necessary skills, knowledge, and networks to build careers in the nascent but growing field of AI policy. Our current programs focus on law students and recent law graduates.

Current programs

Washington, DC
Summer, 2024
AI law and policy workshop
This two-day workshop will give law students, recent law graduates, law professors, and AI policy experts in think tanks and government the chance to network and share insights into the evolving landscape of AI policy.
Summer - Fall 2024
Research fellowship
Students who participate in the workshop will have the opportunity to apply for funding to support a part-time research project on a topic in AI law and policy.
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